SAT Class @ Nungambakkam, Chennai

Next weekday SAT class in Chennai starts on Wed, July 6, 2016

CrackSAT conducts intensive weekday classes for the Redesigned SAT in Madras, India. The SAT Preparation classroom course is designed to give you the extra edge for getting a high score in the SAT Reasoning Test. Our classroom training covers all areas tested in the SAT exam viz., Quant, and Verbal sections. We provide course material and practice tests to help you ace the SAT I test.

  • Mondays to Fridays: Evenings 5 to 7 PM
  • 5 weeks. Classes end on Tue, August 9, 2016
  • Nungambakkam. 14B/1 Dr Thirumurthy Nagar I St., Chennai 34.
  • Maximum 10 students
  • 24,900 (Rupees Twenty Four Thousand Nine Hundred only)
  • Call Mr.Baskar (+91 95000 48484) or Mr.Muthu (+91 93800 48484)
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What does the SAT Classroom Program cover?

CrackSAT’s SAT preparation classes cover all relevant topics that are tested in the new Redesigned SAT Math and SAT English sections. The classes start right from the basics and the level of difficulty is slowly scaled up. Course material and practice tests will be provided to all participants.

Overview of SAT Math Section

Over 15 topics in the math section are covered under 4 broad areas.

  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis and Probability

In each of the topics, emphasis is laid on getting the fundamentals right. Adequate examples are solved in the class that are representative of questions that appear from these topics in the SAT test. Take home practice sets are provided and are followed by regular classroom tests to consolidate the learning process.

Overview of SAT Verbal Section

Our SAT class in Chennai covers the following areas in the SAT Verbal section.

The passages provided for classroom and homework practice cover a wide array of topics. An overview of effectively using one’s word power to crack the Sentence Completion section is also covered.

  • Writing Section
    1. Essay Writing
    2. Identifying Sentence Errors
    3. Improving Sentences
    4. Improving Paragraphs

Rules of English grammar including common usage and oft tested error types are covered in the class. Effective essay writing techniques are covered in the class.

Why CrackSAT?

Faculty Team

Ours is an extremely small faculty team. Our teachers are either graduates from one of the top B-Schools in the country or would have a Masters degree from a leading place within or outside India. In either case, our tutors would have least 5 years of prior teaching experience in this domain. We believe the degree or experience of our tutors is only a necessary condition – not a sufficient one. So, we train our tutors at frequent intervals and assign classes only to those who gain our confidence.

Batch Size

The number of students in our typical SAT batch will be less than 10. An ideal batch size – neither too small that you can learn from the questions and doubts your peers might have – nor too big that you are an unknown face in a large crowded room. This ideal size allows our faculty members to know each student by name and provide them personalized input. A small batch taught by a great faculty team will provide for an unmatched learning experience.

Before you start your SAT Prep

SAT Teaching Methodology

We start right from the basics. We focus on fundamentals and the thought process. Concepts taught are consolidated with rigorous practice - both in class and outside. Click on the the link to get an overview of our methodology.

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